Saturday, 16 August 2014

On Abuse Of Power

Headline today:

'Texas Governor indicted for 'abuse of power''

Abuse of power.  Now let's see.
Where should that charge properly lie
In this massively indictable
Day and age…

Let no one judge
Who is guilty themselves
Of such perfidious activity.

Mother over children.
             over son
And daughter…
And most of all
Our god in Washington
Over us all
But One.

Hail, Caesar.
We who are about to rise up
And throw you from power
Warn you:
                 'This far
And no further.'

And mean it
This precious time.
This time, dedicated
To the end of the journey
In Time.
           Having learned
Our lessons well;
Having had our noses
Rubbed in it.

'It':  the abuse
Of power.


The End of History as we have known it…

It would be nice to go out on a positive note.  The American people 'rising to the occasion' and taking all eleven of the 'battleground' Senates races, and holding the House for the constitutionalists, be they Republican or Democrat.  (A constitutional Democrat is far preferable to a crony-capitalist Republican, in it really for the money.)  But even if they just, while holding the House, turn the Senate around - and in doing so, honor the sacrifices of so many for the federal constitutional Republic of the United States of America over the years - that would be to end The Play on a high note.  If the so-called Liberals win, either house of Congress, that would be to end on a sour note; for the electorate having sacrificed their free will - and that of the rest of us - to totalitarians.

Not a nice ending to consider.

But it's all a matter of choice.

Me; I would prefer that we call a halt to the proceedings right now - with Oathkeepers removing the Usurper from the Oval Office and holding him for trial (in a legitimate People's Court, until the judicial branch of the federal government can be cleansed of those who are dishonoring, and would dishonor, their office by being politically biased in their decision making), for a number of crimes that he has committed, besides the basic one, of being in that office illegally; the Congress dissolved, for not doing its proper, to say constitutional, job of oversight of a rogue executive; and a clean sweep made of the executive branch of government, of all those who are there to engage in

abuse of power.  

As you can tell, that's a big-un for me.

Probably because I see such people as embodying something in me.

But my excuse is that I think in such 'power' terms only in relation to God's will being done.

On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

As we are about to witness.

In spades.

And not before time.

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