Saturday, 23 August 2014

Of Presstitutes In A Free Country

Why Should We Believe

Why should we believe
That we're told, or shown
By the Powers That Be?
The nose of the plane
Through the building
On the other side, until
The shot is caught
And the picture quickly
Cuts to black.
This is an attack
On whom??…

          And speaking 
Of pictures: the one
Of bin Laden, supposedly
Dead, when whistleblown
Is pulled; but not until it
                      is captured
In everyone's mind as
The real thing
                except those
Who are really seeing
 And are growing hip
To what is going on;

                    the picture
Of our leaders, looking
As though mesmerized
At something off camera
             as though -
We are at first told -
                    a live feed
From bin Laden's takedown
That then turned out to be
Not that after all.  
What was it of??

Don't worry.
Be happy.
                   It's all
In good hands.
              And anyway
It's old news now…

That are obviously
Staged imagery
For the camera
And their propaganda
Planes and bodies
In prefabed holes
        in the ground
                    and in
Explosion-damaged buildings…
               and gulfs
Of reality
And of Tonkins...

           This is all
Atrocious.  The PTB
             treating us
Like children.
Who don't deserve to be treated
In any other way
        that's all
         we are
To them.  Or
       like cattle…

        in its way
The statement of a pope:
"How well this myth of Jesus
Has served us"
          down through
The corridor of time
To our day too…

Well.  Enough.
Let me tell you, CIA
And you other Cabal types: 
          Enough of us
          are on to you
To make a difference.
           We will listen to you
And watch your images 
No longer,
                take your fiction
As fact.  Your day
In the sun
Is over.
              So come
               and own
Your true Self
          the night
Plays out
And it's too late
To make your statement
Of who you are
           and what
Side you are on
           the sheep
The goats
You have promises to keep

To yourself - to
Your Self - and
All those around you  
            The Play
                is over
For Good
To commence
In earnest.


P.S. As for the reference
To the CIA:
In the words of William Casey, 
newly appointed head 
Of that clandestine
Operation, on the occasion
Of his first staff meeting
With his fellow spooks:
"We'il know our disinformation
Program is complete when
The American public believes
Is false."

And this, from another
Such director: "The CIA
Owns everyone
Of any significance
In the major media."

That was William Colby
Talking; who knew whereof
He spoke.  On
Or off
The record.

Another person
Who knew whereof he spoke
As well, said this:
"If I allowed 
My honest opinion to appear
In one issue of my paper,
Before twenty-four hours
              my occupation
Would be gone.
        The business
Of the journalist is
To destroy the truth, 
                          to lie
Outright, to pervert,
To vilify; to fawn
           at the feet
Of mammon
And to sell his country
           and his race
For his daily bread.
You know it, and I 
Know it, and what folly
                    is this 
An independent press?"

That was John Swinton,
Chief of Statt of
The New York Times
Out of turn; concluding
His honest rant:
      "Our talents,
Our possibilities,
And our lives
Are all the property
Of other men.  We
Are intellectual prostitutes."


(and also from the site

An archived clip of different Congressional hearings exposes the fact that the CIA directly plants stories in the media, both in the United States and the rest of the world.
Question: Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing to a major circulation journal?
Answer: We do have people who submit pieces to American journals.
Question: Do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for television networks?
Answer: This I think gets into the details id like to get into in executive session. (so the public doesn’t hear how we control all the networks)
Considering that this was going on in the 1950s, it is highly likely that this is happening now and at a much larger extent. The CIA and other government agencies literally control the corporate controlled media.
Anytime you hear a story on the major networks that has any implication in US foreign or domestic policy rest assured that it was, at the very least, vetted by the CIA before being released.
In the early 90s CNN was also used to test Army psychological operations…")
Wakey wakey, everyone.

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