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…And For A Last Word

from 'A 40-Year Conspiracy of Silence on Nixon' -  Gary North - Aug. 9 
(How did the authorities know where on all the tapes was the meat of the sandwich…)

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Gary North hints at the answer to the conundrum towards the end of his article. Yes, the 'Republican establishment' was involved - but it is more specific a matter than that. 

You would have had to 'be there' at the time, to fully appreciate the infighting going on. Long story short: Nelson Rockefeller was angling to take over America, for TPTB. The far Left aren't the only ones who understand that Crisis = Opportunity. The Cabal needed a crisis. They set the whole thing up - paid for it. (Big time, a la to E. Howard Hunt.) And then directed the authorities to the smoking gun. The point? To get Nixon out of the way, for their man to move up: the VP - G. Ford. To pardon Nixon, of course; but to pave the way for 'Rocky' to make a run for it next. Or at the least, for him to have control over the operations of the office, especially on foreign policy and monetary policy: the linchpins to the power of the Cabal, to take over control of the operation of the United States of America - a wholly owned corporation. 

Gary Allen dug into all this. His likes are sorely missed in our time.


1.  I knew Gary Allen.  It turns out that he was a year behind me at university (Stanford).  Stanford is considered a liberal school, but someone there, in his class, challenged Gary to look into the material that the John Birch Society was digging up about the grand plan for a New World Order, to be headed by the big money families; playing the 'left' and the 'right' off against each other, in service to their larger picture.  (Remember how a '60s radical wrote that the Rockefellers were looking for a revolutionary group to bankroll??  See 'The Strawberry Statement.')  Gary was big enough (and literally) to check it out, and found out that it was true; and spent the rest of his all-too-short life researching and writing about it all.  I met Gary at a public lecture that he gave, in Oakland, and that was when I discovered that he had been at Stanford at the same time that I had been there.

I took a different path in life  But that's another story.   

2.  People today don't know that the Rockefellers were behind a significant push to organize governance in America in 'regions,' rather than via the States.  The regions (I believe there were ten of them for the whole U.S.) were to be run by 'experts' - technocrats.  Working for guess who.   

3. The Rockefellers were also big movers behind a) the original 'eugenics' movement; and b) a move in the '60s and '70s to sterilize young females in 3rd World countries, by administering tetanus shots to them as a cover for an anti-fertility agent embedded in them.    

And now, in our day, we have the Zionists having created a nano particle (a bacteriophage) to be administered via the same sort of vector, that will kill off their targets (mostly, the "useless eaters"), by - literally - eating their brains (targeted for the neurons).  (Yes, these people really do think that way.  Well; they have a world to conquer.)  

And I leave that unsettling image with you to go to bed on, and wake up (and figuratively), ready to do something about it all.  

Knowing, that you are here - have incarnated at this time - to do this very sort of work.

To bring these Dark forces to heel.  And in that and other ways, to help humanity move into the Golden Age that is just waiting for it to inherit.

On the other side of the divide, between the Light and the Dark.

With, really, no space in between, for fence sitters, any longer.

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