Monday, 25 August 2014

A 'Natural Born' Citizen...

…Or Not

      It is as plain
       as the nose
      on your face
That Barack Hussein
Is, and was, 
For the presidency
Of the United States
Of America
         (a fact that he
Well knows,
A constitutional lawyer
And all).
How could it otherwise be:
          the whole point
            of the exercise
            on the part
Of the constitutional 
Was to make sure -
                       at least 
As sure as they could 
               in their time
                and place -
        that the person
Occupying that office -
Who would also become
The Commander in Chief
Of the nation's military forces
It should not fail to be
       (and was obviously
On their minds too) -  
              had no dual
Or otherwise conflicting
Loyalties or allegiances.

I have heard it argued that
             the requirement
To be a 'natural born' citizen
Rather than merely a plain
Thirty-five-year-old (or more)
               only ruled out
Naturalized citizens.
What rubbish.  
            How much more
Subject to dual loyalties
Is a naturalized citizen
Than a dual citizen
At birth?  The reasoning
Is faulty.  Or worse:
               entered into
With malice aforethought.
Shyster lawyerly pleading
Is all.  
You corrupt denizens
Of iniquity.  

We come now to the case
of Obama, and the issue
Of race.  
I have heard it likewise argued
Shysterly, that we
Must not touch the issue
Of his ineligibility
Or 'the blacks will riot'. 
    How dare you
Insult black Americans so
                    as though
They are too dumb
To understand an argument
When it is presented
                I, for one,
Will take the chance
Of such blackmail
               In any event,
It is a moot question
The Usurper
Must go.  Period.
Hell breaks out
On our fair land.

And here I stand.

P.S. I am waiting for
The Usurper's apology
To the American people
For his indiscretion.
It will act in mitigation
For him.
But not
Total immunity.
Must answer for his actions.
As do we all.

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