Sunday, 17 August 2014

Thought For The Day:

Love Is The Way

What kind of world
Do I want??  Flag
I'll tell you one thing
Right off the proverbial bat:
Community - real community - 
Is not crested at
The point of a gun.
            So you can
Stop with this Marxist,
Redistribution-of-wealth nonsense
Going on today
            and sing
A different tune.
              is created by
People coming together in
'Common unity' of purpose 
                         by an
           inner impulse
To do good thereby.

And thus endeth the lesson
For today.
              Wherein Love
    is the Way
      the Truth
And the Life.

And that is how
We end our strife
On our poor planet:
That We Are All One
And All IS One.
Like a hand fitting
In a glove
Just made for it.

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