Friday, 1 August 2014

Come Ona My House

One of the charities that I contribute to is called the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes.  Fronted by a (Retired) major general, it provides emergency aid to disabled veterans.  A recent request letter from them got buried in my pile, but got married today to a more recent one from them, which was their Christmas Appeal.  Besides a covering letter from Maj. Gen. Singlaub, it contained a request letter from one Sgt. Jorge De Leon, U.S. Army (Ret.), which contained, among other comments, the following:

"Can you imagine dreading the Christmas Season because you knew you could be evicted any day?

" Or knowing your electricity could be shut off, leaving your family shivering in the cold?

"Or fearing your children won't even have food on the table this Christmas, let alone presents under the tree?

"Or suffering with a painful, debilitating injury that makes the holidays a struggle instead of a joy, but being denied the medical treatments and doctor's care that could ease your pain?"1

I have to admit that my knee-jerk response was to think to write back to Sgt. De Leon and say, "Come into the country illegally and Obama will take care of you.  And immediately.  A nice place to stay, soccer field and basketball court for your older kids, a playroom for the younger ones, complete with cuddly stuffed animals; six sets of clothing, including shoes, for every family member -  just come into the country illegally, and under Obama, you'll be right."

Now, I accept that that's a bit simplistic of a comparison.  But it is not far from the mark.  Why?  Because Obama & Co. do not want to support America, and her disabled Americans, who are more likely than not to vote for keeping the America that they have sacrificed so much for.  No.  They want people here who will vote for a post-America.  A socialist state, as but part of a region of such states - in this case, known as the North American Union2 - as but part of a socialist/fascist New World Order, where the state will take care of everybody.  In exchange for their loyalty and service to the state.

And if you don't, well, there is simply no place for you, in this New Order of Things.  Goodbye...

And the reason why they have been able to get so far with their statist vision?

Because it is a mirror image of The Real Thing.

About to take its rightful place, in our historical evolution.  

As long as we don't blow the process.  And abort it. 

Which could happen; given the mentality of the statists, in wanting to overthrow the Old, and bring in the - or at least, a - New.

Which will never come into being, as long as the guiding energy to it is Force.  

Rather than Love. 

The Love of the Creator for Its creation.  Including all of the parts of that creation.

Including us homo sapiens sapiens.  

Struggling to make our way out of our separate caves.

And into the Light of a New Day, dawning, for all of humanity.   

Sans the likes of kings bearing gaudy gifts, for their - loyal - subjects.



1 "The bureaucratic delays have our wounded heroes waiting an average of 10 months to get their first disability check."  (emphases in original)  Continuing:
     "The report I've enclosed for your review details the devastating impact this bureaucratic delay is having on our struggling heroes.
     * Because of this backlog, a soldier who lost an eye and use of his right arm and leg from an IED explosion waited more than 18 months for compensation.  
     * Because of this backlog, a woman who flew a Blackhawk helicopter and was involved in a crash that resulted in a broken back and a spinal fusion was forced to wait more than nine months to be awarded her claim.  
     * Because ol fhis backlog, a veteran - who was raising his young daughter, suffered multiple hospitalizations, and could not keep a civilian job due to strain in his back and knees - was forced to wait 284 days for his claim to be approved.
     "As the report describes, this interminable wait to receive the government support they're entitled to can 'devastate a veteran financially and emotionally.'…"

     And the DVA officials overseeing this atrocious situation were rewarded with bonuses, for a job well done…according to the Obama administration's take on such things…

2 No more borders between Mexico, Canada, and the former United States of America.  Just one big happy, socialist family.
     Come Ona My House, indeed.  Said the spider to the fly.

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