Thursday, 7 August 2014

I Get Mail...

…And Some Of It Gets Sent Right Back.  
Some as 'R.T.S./DELETE from Mailing List'.  And Some with Notes Attached.

As per examples of the latter today:

1) College Republican National Committee - Presidential Preference Poll.  The Poll includes Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - both outright Ineligibles (like Obama) - and Bobby Jindal, whom I'm not sure of.  The poll goes right back, unfilled out except for those names crossed off, with the hastily scribbled note:

"WAKE UP, you damn Constitutional sellouts.




2) The Republican National Committee, checking my status, for their records showing my party membership as 'Lapsed,' and encouraging me to get back on board, the Democrats are etc. etc. etc.  My note to them, "for the Personal Attn. of Reince Priebus, Chairman":

"Dear Reince,

"Until the Republican Party understands what a 'natural born citizen' is, you are on my shit list.

"Very sincerely,"


(And ditto the next day to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, in response to their begging bowl)


'So you don't want to support the Republican Party.  So you want the Democrats to win.'

No.  I want you effers to shape up, and change your unconstitutional position.

It's obvious that the Republican Party honchos entered into an agreement with their counterparts in the Democrat Party to do an end-around on the Constitution on this issue, having found it too difficult to get an amendment starting through Congress on the subject.  (Both parties tried a total of eight times between 2003 and 2008 to get such an amendment going, and failed each time even to get it out of committee.)  So they banked on their control, between them, of a) the MSM in the country, to stifle any voices of opposition, from like, say, those pesky patriot wabbits; and b) the judicial system.  And these sons of bitches have almost - almost - gotten away with their heist of the Constitution.  Which, obviously, has been the point of their ministrations all along…

We must bell the cat Obama on this issue, and roll back all that he has done while illegally in that thus-dishonored office.  Or the United States is through as a federal-constitutional-republic nation.  A nation of laws, at the least.  And will sink into being but a plaything of political cliques fighting to become king of the hill, in a disgusting free-for-all.

Well.  Not with my country, you won't.

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