Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Better Way Of Being

A Better Way Of Being

I am told that
I am heartless
Towards illegal aliens
For telling them to
Return to their home countries
               and that
It is a sign of an open heart
To give them things
That they don't have.

I find this an unusual
Conclusion, given that
I am an advocate
Of a moneyless society.
We can only get there
By the proper route.
And that is not
By way of such as theft 
And envy.
            It must be done
            by way of
The proper consciousness. 
And that means to learn
The consequences
Of our actions.

And America will model -
And must model,
In order to fulfill
          Her higher -
To say, spiritual - 
               destiny -
A better way of being
Than thieving.
                  and all
Will be well
In the end

Of The Play
Which has been
       to capture
Our consciences
And make us
Of all we survey.

So Come
Let us sing
A song of Love
              of Joy
And Understanding.

And it is that
That is the proper end

Of The Play.
              To say:

Of what it has been
All about

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