Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Further On The Pointing Of Fingers

While on the subject that I alluded to just the other day, when I quoted Jacque Fresco, "in another, though similar, context: Enough of this shit":

The sicker people are, the healthier
The socioeconomic system?
                                           Is there
Something wrong with this picture?
Logical answer: Yes.
Logical conclusion: There is
Something decidedly wrong
With that system.
                          The answer
Is not communism.
                          Been there.
Done that.  That's just more
Of the same:

            The likes of
Free energy devices
       are just waiting
In the wings.
Let's get cracking.
Not fracking.
                  Living more
In harmony with Nature
And our better natures -
                     to say
Our higher natures
As 'spiritual beings
A human experience'.

And not doing very well
                      with it
At the moment.

Time will tell
Whether we've got
What it takes
To make the grade.

Join the exodus
From the old
Way of being
Into the New Day
For all who can see
              their way
Into it.

Let's do it.
Much depends
On our ability
To respond
In a positive way
To the exigencies
Of the moment.

Which are monstrous
In proportion
And quality.

We can do it.
We wouldn't be here
In the wings ourselves
To make our entrance
As the butterflies
That we are

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