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The Militarization Of The Police In America:

It, And What's Behind It

1) from western 'Watch: Obama's Possible Plans To Use Military Force On The American People Just Got EXPOSED' - Kris Zane - Aug. 18
("We have a standing army marching across the streets of America.")

August 24, 2014 at 7:16 pm — Reply

To bad the police have already had half the stuff before Obama was president. But I guess any reason for you guys to hate on Obama. It’s just sad, let’s not stop and think. God forbid you people actually use your brains, you do realize it’s not just up to the president make new laws and regulations. you forget about the house of representatives and Congress. but the police had military assault rifles and flash bangs and Kevlar vest for years, they’ve had them way before Obama was president.
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  • KIBITZER2 August 24, 2014 at 8:51 pm —

    Not quite true; but basically well spotted, Kendall.

  • 1) There has been an escalation [of] all this sort of thing under the Usurper.

  • 2) The attempted hijackers of the American Republic are from both sides of the (nominal) political aisle. 

  • 3) The New World Order Cabal, and their plans for the world in general and America in particular, have been known about for years, by people who have taken the time and gone to the trouble to investigate what has been going on for years and years and years on our beleaguered planet.

  • 4) Their day is done. They just haven’t acknowledged it yet, fully.

  • 5) It’s our job to help them get it.

2) from 'America's Burgeoning Police State' - posted by Harry Riley - Aug. 21 - article by Chuck Baldwin  

Permalink Reply by Henry Phillips 1 hour ago (Aug. 24)

America is in a head lock by a Marxist dictatorial President.  He is fully committed to the elimination of our freedoms and liberties.  Sadly, most Americans have their heads burried in the sand.  While many have awakened to the assault, there is still a vast majority of Americans clueless to what is about to happen to them.  The old saying "history repeats itself" is now front and center.  America is being whipped into a Police State.  The evidence is overwhelming.  From day one, the Marxist regime in the White House has been bludgening rights and freedoms.  Americans took the bate hook, line, and sinker.  What is the ultimate prize?  The building Police State is now becoming evident to people.  However, a Police State is not the ultimate prize of our Marxist President and his Brown Shirt Attorney General.  The true prize for them is the boot of a Marxist State firmly shoved down completely on our freedoms and liberties.  Sadly, it maybe too late to recuperate.  We will begin to see cities and towns like Ferguson all over America.  Once we begin to see the blood flowing in the streets all over America, it will be all over except for the crying.  Thomas Jefferson only gave America 400 years to survive as a free republic.  Sadly, we couldn't even make it close to that timeframe.  The rabid Marxist wolf is now off the golf course.  Ferguson was simply a test case for him.  Bottom line?  No, we may not survive the assault.  That will be the official date of "transformation" of The USA to the MSA.  The Marxist STATE of America.
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  • Reply by Stan Stanfield 1 second ago (Aug. 24)
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
  • I want to see some patriots, front and center.  Not wimps.  Every move they        make: Checkmated, with facts.  (As in the serious questions about Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon staged production.  And the surfacing questions regarding the real Michael Brown; another staged production, apparently, aka agitprop.)  And to start making some moves of our own, to put them off balance.
  • They thought they could fool us with 9/11.  Big mistake.  We've got the investigation & communication tools now to catch them in their scurrilous handiwork.  Time to go on the offensive in all this shit.  They've had their innings.  Now it's our turn.      
3) from 'Why Ferguson, Boston bombing, OKC, and 9/11 are part of the same plan for domestic control' - Craig McKee - Aug. 20 - referred from Comments at 2012: What's the 'real' story/?: 'Ferguson Killing - Real Death, or Staged Agitation Propaganda' - Aug. 24 - from article publ. on Aug.15 
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AUGUST 25, 2014 AT 2:21 AM  (Aug. 24 PDT)
Excellent article, Craig. Thanks.

We will need all the help we can get from civilian detectives and reporters, as TPTB try to heat things up to spillover. For example, a guy has researched the Michael Brown story, and blown some big holes in it. (No true family members, no obit; but there is, or rather was, a Michael Brown, over in CA, who died the previous month. Another “gentle giant”? Puh-leez.) The same with the Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon Bombing staged productions. Der Tag is coming to a country near you.

A shame the Local Police are going along with this hijack caper. But I guess they figure that their jobs are on the line, if this is the new s.o.p. What monsters these our erstwhile Masters are.

So, who's behind all of this??  (And at this point, I don't mean the Masons, and Illuminati, and Reptoids, and so forth.)

Two clues:

1) Back in the early '70s, during lunch time on my job, I heard a well-known (San Francisco) Bay Area talk-radio host interviewing a young Jewish guy (from Hollywood) who was traveling around the state - or perhaps further afield as well; I didn't catch that part of the interview - pushing gun control. The host asked him, "What do you say to people who respond to your argument by saying that that's just what the communists want?"  I don't think the Jewish guy was prepared for the host to hit him with that question/comment, because he had no ready reply.  (I think they then cut to a commercial, to cover the momentary air silence.)  The years pass, and we have all these shootings, by mind-muddled characters, to make the gun-connfiscation point.   

2) Our police/SWAT cops are being trained by s Jewish/Israeli 'law enforcement officer' (by the name of Grossman) - under the aegis of the federal government - to be hard-nosed authoritarians, in the 'intimidation' mode (read: 'police atrocity' outcome), because, he says, that's what works to keep the public cowed and controlled.  Overwhelming force.  A brutal message, for an ounce of prevention to be applied to potential troublemakers.  It's in the style of the Israeli police and military keeping the Palestinians in their place.

It's going on, because the Zionists feel that they were born to rule the world, and the people are but cattle (apparently the effective meaning of 'goyim'), to do as they are told, or else.  Hence, the New World Order, to be held in place by the application of such brute force.  Hence, the mental preparation of the American public for military-style - leading then to actual military - occupation.*  

Teach the goyim a lesson.  

Keep them in their place.     

9/11 was a false flag op orchestrated between the Israeli state and the American Neo Con 'state'.  The New World Order cops on the beat, for the international bankers and industrialists and one-world academics behind the scene-ario.  Using their puppets out in front like, well, like the puppets they are.  

Enter Obama.  

But that's another story…


* And hence the UN military vehicles spotted being moved around the country.  And the training of other countries' military on U.S. soil; familiarizing them with the terrain, and for their being at a 'relative' distance from the people they are being trained to control.  And hence…and hence…and hence………

…and multitudinous drones overhead, anyone?  

One Police State; not only coming up   But already here.   

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