Saturday, 23 August 2014

Are You A Sheep...

…Or Are You A Goat

Yes, there is a better world pending.
But it's not by way of thinking
To hold the gun 
             of the state 
             to the heads
Of the citizenry, 
    and telling them to hand over
Some of their money, in order
To give it to others, in the favor
Of said state  That
Is robbery
And simple. 

What is the matter
With you people?
What has been going on
In this country?    
Am I surrounded 
          by patriots
In name only??
With no balls, or
The equivalent thereof???
               Tell me
It's not true, and you 
           are made
Of sterner stuff. 
               Better yet
Show me
You are sheep
And not goats
To be made a fool of

At least
Our Return
Is inevitable.

In the meantime, we 
Have work to do.
Let's do it 
And in doing so, show
Our better natures
Than these
On parade
At this time
In the passing pageantry
Of life
As we have known it

To get a boost.

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