Friday, 22 August 2014

The Creation's The Limit...

…Or Is It???

Is there a Satan?
I don't know.
I can guess.
All I know is
That there are Dark forces
At work.  Which gives us
               our choices
To grow.
        We should love them -
          with gratitude - 
Out of their roles
That The Play is over.

There is so much more
                       to explore
Than this neighborhood.
Let us hasten
To the finish line
              and then
To the far shores
Of the creation
            and celebrate
                  Why wait.
A tree grows in Brooklyn
Too, you know.
                      as you are
By the bird in the hand…
Rather than beating around
The burning bush...

          Which brings up
The so-called Word of God
The New Testament.
               Ah, the New
There is something wrong
With that document.
It has human fingerprints
All over it.  How do you sort
The wheat from the chaff
                  let alone
The sheep from the goats…
                       as for
The Old Testament:
I would think
The less said, the better.
Tribal gods are not
My cup of tea.  See:
Individual rights
Have a priority
Collective rights.

Which is a must
For America
To emulate.  
                  To say:
The effective exercise
Of free will
Over the power
Of the state -
                or whatever
                collective -  
To control.  

           So: beware
The siren song
Of the environmentalists.
                        This is just
Propagandic nonsense -
                            a way 
To separate you 
From your property
                  let alone
From your money.
Their New World Order
                     is not
The answer.  Try
God's Law instead.
And you will be right
Instead of wrong.

               And then
Watch us fly.

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