Saturday, 9 August 2014

On Statesmanship

(Speaking of 'actions having consequences,' as I did in my last blog…)

I see by the headlines, in the streetcorner newspapers that I often peruse on my daily walks, that Obama has ordered - 'authorized' seems to be the operative word - 'bombing' in Iraq, with both humanitarian supplies on the one hand and the real thing on the other.

Where is he getting the money to do this sort of thing???

The same magical place, apparently, that money seems to come from these days.

To say:  America is broke.  

We are living off the smell of an oily rag.

We have a $17.5 trillion - TRILLION - dollar debt.

Which can never - NEVER - be paid off.

And we are making payments on the interest on that debt out of tax monies.

On the interest alone.

To 'the moneychangers,' who are making out like bandits on our largesse.  And stupidity.

Supported by their minions in the Mainstream Media.  Who keep encouraging that largesse to flow into the coffers of their masters. And whose job it is in part to shoot down any troublemaker, like Ron Paul, who tries to draw attention to this scam.

For scam it is.

With another part in the equation.

Consisting of the money that the federal government borrows - by selling U.S. Treasury bonds - from other countries to pay its operating costs.1  Like China.  Which is getting a little wary of the charade on the one hand.  And is taking hard American assets - businesses, etc. - and resources in exchange on the other.  

America, then, is being sold out, as we speak.  

That, Joe, is "a big fucking deal".

What can be done about this whole sordid mess.

I know what I would like to do.

I would like America - to say, average Americans - to experience the full brunt of the monetary collapse that is brewing, and about to take place -

to learn their lessons from the consequences of the actions that they have signed off on. With this generation of Americans, by those actions, not deserving the country that they have been given stewardship for; and with fraud and deception rampant, from the top down, mirroring a way of life.

But there is a larger picture here.

The picture of the world as a whole.

And so, we need to take into consideration that 'larger picture,' and realize that whatever we do - whatever happens to us - affects the whole.


Which great Crisis also provides great Opportunity.

Which the Powers That Be behind the scenes - the so-called Cabal, who are running things from their shadowy, to say dark, places - know full well about.  

And which they have been planning will help them bring in their vaunted New World Order.  Which will put the entire world into their shadowy - and bloody - hands.

So, they must not be allowed to get away with their best-laid plans.

So, another outcome is going to emerge, from this major Opportunity moment, on planet Earth; this scenario that has been a'building for a long, long time. 

I refer to what has been called the kingdom of Heaven.

Not a terrestrial kingdom.

Well, it will take place on Terra Firma.

But it doesn't get its juice from the human ego; with humans but playing parts in the Drama unfolding.

Now, to its Conclusion.

To say:

We let the U.S. 'dollar' collapse.  (It's in the way anyway, of the New Era.)2  It gets exchanged for Treasury Notes backed by precious metals, as do all the notes of other countries.  A secret cache of gold is released to the public, making everybody 'rich' - i.e., capable of being a consumer - and an era of prosperity ensues.  So far, so old hat.  But there is something new under the sun: 

our place in it.  Whereby we have reached the end of one road,3 and are about to take another.  Which can be called the High Road.  

Into our higher destination.        

More on which, another time.

This has just been for me to vent a bit.  On human folly.

And ultimate redemption. 



1 Or that the Fed simply conjures up out of thin air; thus devaluing - diluting - the dollar.

2 Besides it's not a real dollar.  By definition.  A dollar has a given, legal definition, in relation to a certain amount of silver or gold.  That's how some citizens have been able not to pay taxes for a long time.  They have told the IRS that they have not had an income in U.S. dollars - only in Federal Reserve Notes (which are not backed by anything but themselves) - and so they will pay their taxes when they are paid in dollars.  And often they have been able to get away with it.; the perps wishing to keep the whole 'business' in the hush-hush.   
     The PTB have quietly slipped this scam into place over the years, ever since they gained particular power in Washington, D.C. in 1913 with both the Federal Reserve Act and the passage (although there is question about its legal ratification) of the Sixteenth Amendment, creating the income tax.  Their progress has been neatly marked by the changes in the wording on the U.S. so-called dollar over those years.  The bills in your pocket used to say on them that they were redeemable for gold (a choice which FDR closed off in the '30s) or silver; now they are just redeemable in themselves.  Sweet.  

3 Remember the 'yellow brick' road in The Wizard of Oz??  Gold is what L. Frank Baum was alluding to.  The same sort of symbolism carried over into Dorothy's shoes; which in the original were silver in color.  And meaning.

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