Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Some Days


My wash cloth
That I have gotten so used to 
And familiar with - almost
Attached to -
Has given out on me
And I was going to do 
Something about it
           when today
I found one in the street
                      or rather
On the sidewalk.
               We talk
A lot about 'some day'.
I will get around to it
'Someday'.  When really
                   is  here


I Never Got The 'Kid Thing' Down

I never got the''kid thing' down
Very well.  
     I always seemed to be
Older than the other kids
                         around me
I never knew why.  
I know.


The Republicans & The Democrats

I used to get mad at the Republicans
For having allowed the liberals
In the Democrat Party
To get away
With the creation of a welfare class -
As with the likes of allowing
Single females to have babies
On the taxpayers' dime -
For a permanent voting base
And the far Left's Marxist
Revolutionry cause
           until I realized that
The Republicans - or some of them
At least - were all for
The same damn thing
                for another, 
Similarly corrupt reason
Is all: 
             the creating
              of a market
For their products.

         Bastards; the lot
Of them 
For not taking into consideration
             the consequences -
       the full consequences - 
Of their actions
In the affliction
Of their nearsightedness.

To say: What would it do
To the quality
Of your society,
You ignoramuses??

Well.  We're finding out
           And in spades.

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