Monday, 11 August 2014

And While I'm Pointing Fingers...

"'We're seeing around the world incredible challenges, many of them all coming to a head at the same time,' [Obama] told donors [at a Democrat Party fundraiser at Martha's Vineyard] gathered under a tent on an expansive lawn overlooking the water. But he said the crises underscore the degree to which 'people are constantly interested in finding out how America can solve these problems.'"*
Yes, that is an interesting question.  And the way that it has been 'solving' these problems is by subterfuge.  By deceit.  By treasonous treachery.  By immoral conduct of the first magnitude.
A message to Americans:
Who do you think you're kidding?  You're whistling by a graveyard at night.  You're walking around hoping that no little boys are going to comment on your clothing; ready to blame the messenger.
Well: Boo.
And, I have a message, apparently unbeknownst to some of you: 
that the United States federal government is broke.  
'Oh, they'll fix it up. Nothing to do with me.'
Really?  Well, then, I do have news for you:
It is on 'the good faith and credit' of the American people that the federal government borrowed the money that it has been living on, for years, and years, and years.
You are right in one respect:
You will never be able to pay that debt off.
You, and your children, and grandchildren, and their children and grandchildren, will never be able to pay off the humongous national debt.
You have a busted flush in your hand.
And you are being immoral in not 'owning' up to it.
Particularly because you are causing the selling-out of the American republic to its creditors.  The likes of the country of China.  And while it is, and other nations are, carving up the country - in land, resources, and assets - the whole scenario is fulfilling an agenda, of long standing: 
the desire of the Dark forces behind it all to see the U.S. 'tribalized'.  Weakened.  Carved up, in both land and civic structures.  Balkanized, it's called.  With ethnic enclaves all over the place; each speaking its own language, and having its own customs.  All, in order to break down the American federal constitutional republic, in deed and in spirit.  And replace it with but a part of a region of a totalitarian New World Order.   
Got it yet??
If not:
Keep whistling past our grave.
It may do you some temporary good.

* quoting from an article by Julie Page for the Associated Press, Aug. 11

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