Tuesday, 26 August 2014

On Takedown Capers

On Sandy Hook Elementary

Doesn't it seem strange to you
That there wasn't one injury
So that that child could tell
The real story
Of what happened that day?

How could that kid -
             Adam Lanza, we
Are told 
             (whose obituary
             was posted
The previous day.
The previous day
Mind you) -
            kill them all
So perfectly
In the time allotted?
So professionally
That is to say
More accurately??

And how come the media
Was never allowed to see
The alleged crime scene??
And the weeping father
Who, moments before
Was smiling...
And speaking of getting
In character, how about
           that character
Practicing his story
Before the camera
That anyway
Got muddled
In the telling…

I'm sorry, but
           this story
Doesn't add up


To a false flag op
To do away
With the public's guns
By a government
Bent on mischief
And what's more
On takeover

By Satanic forces
Who believe
In a different Light
Than the rest of us
Mere peasants
To The Ones Chosen
To subdue us
And keep us in
Perpetual darkness
             to say, in

And isn't it interesting that
There was a Satanic coven
Right in that area
Of being called on
To mount such an 

and whose house mortgages
All got paid off
                In full
At the same time…
   for services rendered
   to the cause???..,

Sandy Hook.
        By hook
Or by crook...

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